Yannis has been shooting weddings since 1995. Starting with Canon and then adding Fujifilm for fervour and passion of the best, Yannis captures special moments in weddings bringing his extreme eye for detail into the people captured.

Yannis has been commissioned to shoot for Napoli’s biggest wedding photographic company Italian Style Photographer and Franco Gigante where he has made lifelong friends of his clients and built strong clientele.

Yannis has photographed weddings in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Rome and Greece.

Yannis’ style of wedding photography is classic though intricately unique. It’s the small details that allow us to remember photographs for ever. His use of light is his secret, having educated himself with a degree in photography in Sydney.

wedding photography
wedding photography


Yannis has a unique eye for detail in capturing the human face. This gives him an advantage in portrait photography, having worked for Melbourne City Opera, Laycock Street Theatre Company, various Real Estate agents, private portraits and portrait style photography for advertisement purposes.

Using light to his advantage, Yannis produces and creates unique portraits, highlighting the beauty and uniqueness in each subject.



Yannis’ love is fashion, which is an advantage to a fashion photographer. To know how clothes need to fold, to know how hair needs to flow, add to a complete effect when photographing fashion. Fashion is ever-changing and so is Yannis’ style in fashion photography, allowing him to move with times and always find a new angle in a model.

Yannis has photographed for clients in Romania, Rome, Italy, Sydney, Melbourne and has a wide niche following of local talents and designers who always admire and seek his new eye for detail.

fashion photos
Social Events

Social Events

Yannis has been photographing social events for over 10 years; from boat parties to anniversaries, gatherings, graduations, launches and special occasions, always capturing otherwise unknown details which make for everlasting memories.

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